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Clean Chain

Shubhram maintains a 'Clean Chain': Robust systems and processes that ensure a functional and physical separation of 'clean' and 'dirty' areas throughout the process of collection, washing, and delivery.

Truck collects soiled linen from the hospital
hospital cross grey-truck

Dirty Linen Collection

Soiled linen is collected from the hospital and transported to the industrial laundry facility

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Dirty Linen Sorting

Soiled linen is sorted hospital wise in various categories such as flat work [bed-linen, pillow covers, blankets, etc.], garments [gowns, scrubs, aprons], Operating theatre linen, etc. Special care is taken to collect the infected linen directly in water soluble bags with no human contact till it is washed.

shirt getting washed


Linen is washed in Tunnel Washers & Barrier Washer-Extractors in various stages.

Customised chemicals and detergents are used at appropriate temperature for appropriate duration to achieve high quality disinfection and maintain the colour and quality of the fabric.

Further rinsing-cycles ensure that all chemicals used in the washing process are completely removed.

container dry-shirt 3


After washing, each batch of laundry is dried at high temperatures over 85ºC for up to 45 minutes which constitutes an integral part of disinfection.


Ironing, Folding, Packaging & Dispatch

Dedicated machines for flat linen and garments provide a further level of automation, ensuring uniformly ironed and folded clothes in every batch.

Regular thermo-chemical and microbial analysis is done for quality assurance.

All linen and garments are packaged in a special biodegradable packaging material. Every pack of a standard size is automatically labelled with packaging information and the client name to whom it is to be delivered.

After off-loading dirty linen, our trucks are completely disinfected before clean linen is loaded in disinfected trolleys.

truck_lines arrivaltrucko
hospital cross
Truck delivers clean linen to the hospital


24 hour clock

24-Hour Turnaround

Robust automation systems and the best available equipment and software ensure that every batch of laundry is collected, processed, and dispatched within 24 hours.

'6x' backup of a client hospital's linen requirement.

Shubhram operates on a wash-hire model, providing both linen and garments, and guarantees a '6x' backup of a client hospital's linen requirement.

This model not only guarantees the availability of freshly washed linen, but also enables rapid scaling up of operations if required.

Sophisticated SAP resource and inventory management system

Robust automation systems and the best available equipment and software ensure that every batch of laundry is collected, processed, and dispatched within 24 hours.

person doing inventory

UHF-RFID enabled tracking and inventory management

Every single piece of flat linen or garment from Shubhram is embedded with a UHF-RFID (ultra high frequency - radio frequency identification) tag. These tags enable tracking of individual items at every stage of the process, from collection to delivery. This data is automatically harvested by Shubhram’s inventory management system, which can then provide reports, inventory information, & more.

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