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Cleaner Smarter Medical Care


Shubhram provides holistic high quality linen management & laundering services, guaranteeing infection-free linen that complies with international standards, and a sophisticated system for tracking and inventory management.

What we do

Hospital Linen Management

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Complete linen management services and off-site processing of laundry provides a host of benefits for our partner hospitals.

Meet our products

Shubhram Hospital Linen

Bed & bath linen, patient, baby & paediatric garments, doctors coats, operation theatre drapes & garments, hospital uniforms for front office & staff, adaptive clothing for patients

Shubhram is designed for hospitals

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Shubhram is designed for hospitals

Shubhram provides world-class linen management solutions exclusively to hospitals. We are a dynamic, market driven company able to respond to the changing requirements of hospitals with innovative quality products and services. We take pride in serving our customers, keeping their operations running smoothly and successfully, both during routine hospital work as well as during emergencies.


Clean Chain Fact

After off-loading dirty linen, our trucks are completely disinfected before clean linen is loaded.

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Video of the Shubhram laundry plant in Barhi, Sonipat